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Liquid Compost ACS
("Active Cultured Solution")
About Us

Here at Agra Bio-Logik we manufacture a liquid compost and wholesale it to California agriculture fertilizer companies. For over 20 years (founded in 1995) our family owned and operated business has manufactured and delivered bulk Liquid Compost ACS from our facility in Ripon, California. Four years after Agra Bio-Logik was created we received a call from a fertilizer company asking if we would be willing to wholesale. They explained that they have been hearing about our product in the field and that their customers were very excited about the results they were seeing. We now supply Liquid Compost ACS to 16 fertilizer offices state wide and are still expanding every year. Due to high demand, we are now expanding our production capabilities by building a new larger facility on the outskirts of Escalon, California. Our production quality control ensures product consistency that meets the operational requirements of row crop planters with start-up fertilizers or any irrigation system. After 20+ years of being in business with tremendous growth our product (Liquid Compost ACS) is field tested & time proven!

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